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Advanced thermal imaging technology makes detecting and preventing electrical failures easier, saving time and money.

When equipment is close to failure, it emits a heat signature that can be dangerous and time-consuming to detect without heat-sensing technology. Thermal imaging allows technicians to find and even predict these hot spots quickly and without contact with live components. Connon Electric’s Level I Certified thermographers use thermal imaging technology to scan everything from electrical cabinets and breaker panels to fuses and switchgear. Electrical issues can be detected earlier and repaired faster.

Our certified technicians use thermal imaging to quickly identify electrical equipment in need of repair.

Finding the source of an electrical problem can be the most time-consuming part of a service call. Thermography can help make those calls faster and more efficient. We use our thermal imaging infrared camera on jobs such as a commercial kitchen with 30 florescent light fixtures in the ceiling and a constantly tripping circuit breaker. Without the camera, finding the overheating fixture(s) would take at least four hours. Our thermographer can identify and repair the overheating fixture within 45 minutes, saving the client hours of downtime and ensuring operations continue without constant interruption.

Using thermal imaging, our technicians regularly monitor equipment to anticipate outages before they happen and prevent shutdowns.

Preventative maintenance is one of the most effective ways to avoid unexpected electrical outages and a catastrophic shutdown. Insurance companies are beginning to require that companies have their equipment and systems checked every six months to two years. Connon Electric can bring your company into compliance and prevent tens of millions of dollars in loss by performing a highly effective full-scale equipment survey using our infrared camera. By identifying equipment prone to failure, we will help you plan a shutdown to replace it instead of being subject to an unexpected failure and shut down.

Connon Electric works hard to meet & exceed your needs with reasonable, reliable, and resourceful, electrical services and thermal imaging to the the Fox Valley Western Suburbs of Chicago including St. Charles, Batavia, and Geneva.

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